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MYE Websites is a USA owned & operated company that uses state-of-the-art web building technology to craft engaging, personalized & effective websites at very low cost.
Multi-Screen Websites
Our websites are unique 
since we use a Multi Device Design platform, to build enterprising Multi-Screen sites for Desktop,Tablet and Mobile, and to deliver cutting edge, customized websites that evoke emotion and improve interaction. 
  • "...Your work is current and efficient and you make the work on our part very minimal."

    -Tom, Owner of MamasCafeBaci.com
  • Technically, Nancy is second to none, but she stands out in marketing. Warning, if you hire her, she doesn't stop - she fervidly wants your online presence (your “brand” as she says) to be as powerful as it can be.

    Bill at DwyerBill.com
  • "My mobile website has absolutely helped to grow my business."

    Dr. Chris L. NewHealthConsultant.com
  • "You get so much more than
    just a website,

    -Laura G founder of PinkChandelier.us
  • "I wish I did this a long
    time ago. I just don't
    have the time and you made
    it so easy... and affordable."

    Tom owner of HurricaneLimo.com
Other points that make us different?

  • Affordable packages - customizable too, we work with every budget.

  • You can have full access to your website (or not) - for unlimited editing and updating. In life and in business, we can always rely on one thing, and that's change. With us, you can always rely on our support through those changes. We're always here to help you stay current and implement the essentials that help keep your business evolving. 

  • Pop-Up messaging - a unique feature to personalize your website by setting notifications - at different times, for certain location, after a number of visits. Show a video, request reviews, offer a coupon or announce a new event or product -  to entice customers to take action. (e.g. show lunch menu at lunch time and dinner menu at dinnertime, or for holidays show gift cards, or pop a Super Bowl catering package)

  • Technological advancement guarantee - We will forever be progressing and will always remain at the cutting edge of technology, and so will your website. Never become outdated.

Why choose us? Individualized attention
Why choose us?
We are all about building strong working relationships. When you become a client of ours, we listen and learn your style and your needs. You will always be our highest priority and receive individualized attention and expertise from us.  What sets us apart is we build multi-screen sites and every website we build is a reflection of each business' unique contribution and individuality. And we're here for you all along the way.

Multi-Screen Websites - why so important?
Our websites are formatted to be viewed optimally on all devices.

When a visitor comes onto your website from their desktop computer or tablet, they will be navigating on the version that is built for and formatted to a computer screen and a tablet screen. 

Desktop and Tablet website versions
mobile-friendly website version
And very importantly, since 80% of searches today are done from smart phones, when a visitor comes onto your site from their phone, they will not experience the frustration of zooming and pinching to read tiny print, and needing a pencil and paper to write down your number to call.
They will have a mobile-friendly experience, since your website will be perfectly formatted to their phone screen. This allows them to easily take immediate action, to click a button to call you, and find their way to your door with your mobile map. And offers many important features to help grow your company.

And most importantly, your mobile version ranks you higher in local searches since Google now gives preference to mobile websites. This means more visibility = more business.
Mobilize Your Enterprise!
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