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Do I need a Mobile Website?

Accessing the Internet using a mobile device is becoming more and more popular. Statistics show that 80% of internet searches are done on smart phones now – more common than using a browser on a desktop or laptop computer.

The short answer is yes, in today's world a business that does't have a mobile-friendly site is losing customers. 

Standard desktop website just don't cut it when it comes to mobile web browsing. According to Google's 2015 announcement, Desktop sites that aren't optimized for mobile have already dropped in rankings on search engines like Google, and all mobile websites have risen in rankings. So it's imperative that your business website is mobilized. Also, customers today expect a mobile-friendly experience that doesn't require pinching and zooming which is annoying on a small screen. Visitors that have a poor experience on mobile more likely to abandon your site and repeat their search, possibly going to a competitor.

Engage customers with click-to-call, mobile-map, & simple navigation
Making it easy for customers to find you and connect 
with you with a press of a button.
Easy access to information with thumb friendly buttons 
so even large hands can interact easily.
Content is easily read at arm's length, with no frustration, 
zooming and pinching.
Let everyone find you easily with a map navigation link 
that includes step-by-step directions.
Link your homepage to popular sites like OpenTable, Yelp, 
Paypal, coupons and more.
Include your Twitter feed on your home page, or add a share 
button to link your site to Facebook.
Rank even higher! Customized to t
  • arget your mobile and local 
Mobile Website Features:

Basic features:

Make finding and visiting your business quick and easy for your customers with large thumb-friendly buttons.
  • Click-To-Call
  • Mobile Maps with directions
  • Click-To-Email 
  • SMS (text messaging)
  • Send info to phone
  • Contact Us form
Basic Mobile-Friendly features
Media features:
Give your customers a dynamic, interactive experience- highlight promotions, provide tutorials, and show off products. Plus, with proper SEO - videos can drive traffic to you.
  • Photo Galleries
  • Image Slideshows
  • YouTube Videos - and other video integration
Features for Restaurants:
Want more foot traffic, fill slow times, collect customer data? Entice customers with your menu, and offer the convenience and immediacy of booking a table anytime day or night. Get reviews with Yelp - It’s a great way to let customers know about your business and let them comment. Offer Daily deals and coupons, and get seen locally.
  • Open Table - reservation service
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Mobile Map w/ directions
  • Yelp Reviews 
  • Google Places - connect with local customers
  • Daily Deals
  • Register for coupons
  • QR Codes- barcode (link) that provides user with URL, contact info, SMS...)

Features for Retail sales:

Make mobile shopping at your business fun, easy and convenient - and make more sales.
  • Product pages w/ buy now button
  • Payments by Paypal
  • Google Checkout
  • Mobile Map w/ directions
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Google Places
  • Daily Deals
  • Coupon offers
  • QR Codes

Add Share buttons:

Increase the chances of getting your site's content in front of new eyeballs. Make it easy for customers to share, so easy that they don't even need to think about it. Click - boom - it's shared.   
  • facebook  
  • twitter 
  • google
  • linkedin

Promote, inform and connect with:
  • Google Ads: Show engaging ads relevant to your business and earn revenue. Giving on the go customers what they are looking for. 
  • RSS:  or Really Simple Syndication—is a marketing and communications tool. Simply put, it spreads the news about your business. For retail sites, commercial blogs and online business content- using RSS get’s you noticed. It increased your exposure, increases repeat visits, increases traffic to your site, expands your outreach and it’s easier than newsletters and zines.
Optional Features: 
  • Newsletter Subscriber Form Integration 
  • Registration to capture visitor data
  • Menu design
  • Google Places registration
  • PayPal button
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • E commerce and database
  • Remarketing (see below)
  • Advertising Campaign

Exclusive Features: these are included in your mobile site

Auto-sync: redirect code
We synchronize your mobile site's URL address to your desktop URL- so both sites have the same URL address. It's coded so any changes or updates you make on your regular website automatically sync to your mobile site, so no need to update both sites. Customers automatically see the mobile-friendly version from their smartphone
We synchronize your Mobile Site to your Desktop Site
Analytics Integration: 
Get continuous stats on your site. Stay informed by tracking customer activity,measuring sales and conversions, see how visitors arrived and how they use your site and how to keep them coming back 
Analytics Integration

Every Small Business Mobile Site Should Have These:

Business Hours to keep your customers informed:
Presumably you want people to visit your business, and ideally this would be when you're open. Making your business hours clearly visible on your mobile site is a sure fire way of getting you and your customers in the same place at the same time.
business hours
Yelp Reviews to spread your good name:
Yelp reviews are incredibly important for small businesses. You want people to know how great your business is and there is no better way to do this than with independent customer testimonials. These are more valuable than the most expensive piece of advertising.
yelp reviews
Contact Form for engaging your customers:
The contact form may be one of the most powerful features in our builder. This is because it can be used to get your customers to sign up for an email contact list, newsletter, or special promotions. It really is a great tool for building a long-term relationship with your customers.
contact form

ADVERTISE - Take your business to the next level - Rank even higher!

Mobile Advertising Campaign

"89% of smartphone users notice mobile ads"  -Google
"52% of Mobile ads result in a phone call”  -xA 
“Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons”  -MobileMarketer

This is your Mobile Site packaged with advertising, designed to make your phone ring. Targeting mobile audience, local and national campaigns and getting trackable results.

mobile advertising

 Remarketing is another advertising option we offer.    

Mobile and desktop ads, weekly specials and promotions. When your customers visit your site, we drop a cookie with displays where ever they go - while playing Angry Birds, while reading CNN. Your business appears broad and prominent. This helps build your brand and helps keep you on the minds of your customers. 

Pricing may change:
It's $99/mo for up to 4,000 impressions. 
This takes about 15-30 days to get started. 
Please note that your mobile site can only be hosted in our platform, 
it is not possible to host your mobile site on other web servers.

Google studies show: 

  • 87% of smartphone owners use their devices on the go - commuting, shopping. 
  • And surprisingly, 93% now use their smartphones at home. 
A local business with a mobile-friendly site is at a great advantage - to reach customers at any moment, wherever they are throughout the day. 
80% of smart phone users use their de vices all day and night
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