Multi-Screen Features


Our state-of-the-art features are proven to increase search engine rankings, 
boost sales and deliver a better overall experience across every device type

SEO Search Engine Optimization- SEO relates to how well your site does in search rankings on sites like Google and Bing. The higher your site climbs in rankings, the more likely it will gain new traffic, visits and customers. We obviously do this by highly targeting certain keywords and optimizing the structure of your site to be the most Google and Bing – friendly as it can be. And very importantly, this is where responsive design comes into play. Your websites (all three – desktop, tablet and mobile versions) are structured under one URL (one domain name e.g. which makes it easier for these search giants to find relevant information on your site that helps give you a boost in rankings. This is exceptionally important for highly valued mobile search traffic (since, up to 80% of local searches are done from mobile phones now). 

Website Personalization – One of our best features is our ability to connect with our small business owners and really get who they are. We work closely with you, and together we create your “virtual front door”, and help you to build your brand. We offer advanced customer-conversion technology to help boost your conversion rate, by creating a one-to-one visitor experience that speaks directly to your customers and their needs. 

Site Widgets- We offer important website assets such as: Click-To-Call, Maps (Google), Online scheduling- (for visitors to schedule appointments), Coupons, Business Hours, Contact Form, Click-to-Email, Image Sliders and more.

Blog – Connect with your customers, speak your mind, get your message out there and increase your search engine optimization by adding a Blog element to your site.

Reliable Hosting – Rest assured that your site is safe and sound, as your website is built on the industry leading Amazon Cloud (very secure and reliable).

Analytics – We automatically track all stats associated with your site. And you’ll have accessed via the dashboard. This includes: total site traffic, user engagement and events, traffic source and physical location of site visitors. Google analytics accounts can also be integrated with our platform.

Site Backups – We can create site backups to store versions – especially if you change your site often, then you can revert back to the older version at any time.

Messaging Triggers
– Let us craft specialized call-to-action messages, promotions, and campaigns for you, specific to time/dates/holidays, location of your visitors using special effects that are highly effective in getting attention.

Photo Gallery and Image slider
– A picture says a thousand words. Include a photo gallery, and give your visitors a swipe-able image slider without taking up lots of space.

Social Icons
– Social Media is absolutely an important marketing tool, giving you the ability to reach out and connect on a personal level. We integrate all of your social media links to your social media pages, and keep them well placed on every page.

YouTube Video – With the fact that attention spans are very short, quick videos are highly valuable to quickly convey your message, help customers to personally connect with you and to help them obtain information and gain trust.

Superior Speed – High-speed website performance isn’t a luxury – it’s a requirement. Google has indicated that page speed is a direct factor for SEO. Neither your customers nor Google has a second to spare waiting for a page to load. It’s a top priority, and with us you have optimized images, optimal response time (with Global CDN to double up on speed) and constant testing – we routinely test your site speed scores to ensure standards.

Advancing Technology - The platform that we use in the building of our websites is state-of-the-art technology and we are highly committed to keeping current and staying at the top of this ever advancing tech-world. So your website will too. 

Better Overall Experience
– So now you have a better understanding of the features we have to offer. But what all of this really comes down to is, at the end of the day, our intention is to help our clients be successful. 

Why Work With Us
–Good communication and feedback is imperative in the building of relationships, and for successfully working together. We build personal relationships with our clients. One of the best features in working with us is that we are very good listeners and we connect with our clients and therefore every website we build is a reflection of each business' unique contribution and individuality.  

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